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Estuary of Gironde nearby the camping Les Peupliers

This is at the Bec Ambes that the Garonne and the Dordogne, joining their flux, give rise to the Gironde estuary with its ends at the Pointe de Grave to le Verdon-sur-Mer in front of Royan. At the mouth of the estuary of Gironde throne Cordouan light still in operation.

The Gironde estuary is only 75 km long where the Atlantic Ocean flows into it at each tide. Bordered on the north by the Charente Maritime and on the south by the department of Gironde, the estuary of the Gironde has a wide variety of landscapes.

By boating on the estuary of the Gironde, you will find many great castles , vineyards but also many islands that are home to some houses The estuary has a length of 75 km to 12 km wide at its mouth. It is the largest in Western Europe.

It is possible to cross the estuary by car taking the ferry from Royan to le Verdon sur Mer in the mouth or from Blaye to Lamarque a little further south. Crossing the Gironde by boat is a nice vacation experience that kids will love for coming to the camping Les peupliers. You can potentially see large boats sailing towards the port of Bordeaux.

Many small ports located throughout the estuary are also nice destinations for your vacation.

Camping sought by guests that look for calm and tranquility